Recycling Jewelry

Here at ClusterFlux we offer the option of turning your old gold jewelry into something new! Because we all have pieces passed down to us from our mothers or grandmothers, that we keep due to sentimental value but no longer wear. Allot of the time they are outdated and longer fit today's trends or your personal taste. Or maybe you’re keeping it because you simply don’t know what to do with it. Whatever the reason we can help.

In bringing us your old pieces we will then credit the value of your gold off your new piece. Whether its from our in-house collections or your very own custom piece. Also, in doing so you are helping to promote more sustainable practices.

We can also re-use diamonds. Not all can be given a second chance, however we will gladly evaluate them when brought in and decide if we can use them or not.

 Most Frequently Asked Questions

How can I give you my gold?

If you live in Montreal, we can arrange a pick up at your convenience or by mail. If you do not reside in Montreal we will guide you step by step on the shipping process depending on where you’re from. We do not cover shipping fees.

Do we buy precious metals or stones?

We do not buy back old pieces or jewels, unless in the context of creating a piece with us, in which we can use them.