Association Of Professional Piercer's 2018 Conference!

We are excited to say that we will be attending the APP (Association Of Professional Piercers) 2018 Conference this year!

APP is a conference held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. This years dates are from July 15 to 20.  The conference is dedicated to keeping the public and professional piercers up to date on the latest piercing safety measures. 

The conference is held so anyone in the field can attend classes on the health measures and industry standards. There hope is to encourage piercers to meet or even exceed these expectations.

APP also gives the opportunity to attendees to meet their favorite jewelers! Because every year all the best of the best high end body jewelers join to show off they're latest bling! It is a great way to talk directly to the artists and see they're pieces!

APP is a great experience for everyone, and we hope that for however is going, you have a great time. Also don't forget to come say hi!

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